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Our Bankert Ancestors - Killed by Indians

Our aunt, Hepzibah Buell, survived an attack on Deerfield in 1693 only to lose her life in a subsequent attack in 1704. Three daughters, and possibly Hepzibah herself, had been tomahawked and scalped in 1693 and, while daughter Sarah died of her injuries, the others survived. One, like her mother, would also not survive the 1704 attack. Many of our aunts, uncles, and cousins would lose their lives in these dangerous times. 

The first outbreak of war in New England occurred in 1637 when about 800 colonists resided in what is now known as Connecticut. In that year about 100 English settlers and about twice that number of Indians comprised of Mohegans led by Uncas, and a band of Narragansetts, attacked the Pequot Indians in the battle of Mystic. At least four of our ancestors are known to have served in the Pequot war which ended with near total destruction of the Pequot tribe.

In 1675 Metacom, leader of the Pokanokets  and known to the English as “King Philip”, waged war on all of New England in what would be, per capita, the bloodiest war in American history. While King Philip’s demise brought some lessening to the threat of local Indians to the colonists, outbreak of hostilities with the French in Canada brought continued fear as raids from the north threatened outlying settlements.

From the time of the first settlements in New England and continuing for another 150 years, the threat between and among the local Indian tribes and the English settlers would take an enormous toll on both sides.

(__?__), Sarah d. 1666
Buell, Hepzibah b. 11 Dec 1649, d. Mar 1703/4
Coleman, Bethia b. 14 Oct 1676, d. 19 Sep 1677
Cook, Moses b. 16 Nov 1645, d. c 1675
Day, Sarah d. 19 Sep 1677
Dibble, Ebenezer b. 26 Sep 1641, d. 19 Dec 1675
Edwards, Nathaniel b. 21 Oct 1685, d. 26 Aug 1724
Foote, Elizabeth b. 1654, d. 16 Sep 1696
Gillett, Joseph b. 25 Jul 1641, d. 18 Sep 1675
Gillett, Samuel b. 22 Jan 1643, d. 19 May 1676
Hart, John b. c 1630, d. 1666
Hart, Sarah b. 1653, d. 1666
Hart, Stephen b. 1657, d. 1666
Hinsdale, Barnabas b. 13 Nov 1639, d. 18 Sep 1675
Hinsdale, Experience b. 23 Jan 1645/46, d. 19 May 1676
Hinsdale, Robert (Dea.) b. 1617, d. 18 Sep 1675
Hinsdale, Samuel b. c 1641, d. 18 Sep 1675
Holcomb, Joshua b. 1746, d. 1781
Holcomb, Phineas b. 4 Feb 1726/27, d. Sep 1781
Holcomb, Samuel b. 1748, d. 1781
Parsons, Ebeneezer b. 1655, d. 8 Sep 1675
Porter, Hannah b. 4 Sep 1642, d. 19 Sep 1677
Salmon, Thomas d. 29 Oct 1675
Wells, John (Lieut.) b. 1682, d. May 1709
Wells, Mary b. 12 Nov 1673, d. Mar 1703/4
Wells, Sarah b. 27 Jan 1676, d. 6 Jun 1693
Wilton, David (Lieut.) d. 5 Feb 1666/67
Wright, Samuel Jr. d. 2 Sep 1675