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The most satisfying part of doing family research is solving the riddles of the here-to-fore unknown.  The most frustrating part is hitting the proverbial "brick wall".

  • Abigail Phelps (1769-1845), m. Eli Winchell in 1790.
    I have a theory on the identity of the parents of Abigail Phelps but I am having  difficulty in finding proof.  The man I believe may be her father, Alexander Phelps, is just as elusive as she is.
  • William Day (1743-1783), m. Abigail Woodward in New Haven in 1771
    We know his wife, his children, his marriage and his death date.  What we don't know is where he came from and he left few records to help us.
  • Peter Bankert of Friedrichsberg, Prussia
    Peter buried six children before he emigrated to America in 1880.  I would like to find more but I can't be sure of which "Friedrichsberg" Peter called home. A recent find hints that he may have originated in "West" Prussia.

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