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Thomas Bliss - 1650
Nathaniel Bliss - 1654
Temperance (Denslow) Buckland - 1681
Thomas Buckland - 1662
Timothy Buckland - 1689
William Buell - 1681
Mary Buell - 1684
Nicholas Denslow - 1667
Thomas Dewey - 1648
Israel Dewey - 1678
David Dewey – 1712
Thomas Dibble - 1700

Job Drake - 1689
John Drake - 1659
James Forbes - 1692
Elias Gillett - 1732

William Graves - 1679
John Griffin - 1681
Stephen Hart - 1682/83
George Hayes - 1725
Thomas Holcomb - 1657
Nathaniel Holcomb - 1740/41
John Matson - 1728
John Moses - 1683
Mary (Brown) Moses - 1689
John Owen - 1698

Sarah (Griswold) Phelps - 1715
William Phelps - 1672
John Porter - 1648 

William Thrall - 1679
Timothy Thrall - 1697
John Thrall - 1732
John Thrall (II) - 1749
Richard Vore - 1683
Robert White - 1617
Nathaniel Winchell - 1700
Robert Winchell - 1668
Stephen Winchell - 1726
Henry Wolcott - 1655
Elizabeth (Saunders) Wolcott - 1655
Samuel Woodward - 1758


Thomas Bliss

b. c. 1590
d. c. 1650
m. Margaret Hullins 

Location: Hartford
Invt. £86-12-08. Taken 14 February, 1650, by Nathaniel Ward, Joseph Mygatt. Nuncupative Will. Testimony of John Pinchon & Hen: Smith gives property to his wife. Mary Parsons, a daughter, of Springfield, doth Testify to the same.
Court Record, Page 17--20 February, 1650-1: Adms. to the Relict, She to keep the whole Estate in her Hands for her Use and the Education of the Children during her life, then to be divided among the Children, viz: to Lawrence, to John, to Samuel, to Hester, to Elizabeth, to Hannah, and to Sarah Bliss.


Nathaniel Bliss

b. 1622
d. 1654
m. Catherine Chapin 

Inventory taken from the Pynchon records: a copy of the inventory of Nathaniel Bliss, taken February 14, 1654-5.



"Housing and home lott, 5 acres,








Wet meadow before the house, 3 acres,





Wood lot, 5 acres,





Over ye great river, 9 acres,





At the Longmeadow, 26 1-4 acres,





Over Agawam river, 5 acres,





Meadow on the Mill river, 2 acres,





2 Cows,





3 Swine,





3 kettles, 1 skillet, and 1 pale,





7 pieces of pewter, 13s.; 7 do. of tin, 4s.





Warming Pan, 5s.; a frying pan, 2s.





Earthen ware, 4s.; wooden ware, 20s.





2 bedsteads, 10s.; 2 chairs, 3s.





3 boxes and a chest,





Axes, spades and hoc,





Plough chain and share, 10s.; curtain stayes, 7s.





Cradle and chest,





Bedtick, with flocks and feathers,





A musket, sword, and bandaliers,





Hat, 5s.; jacket and 2 pair of breeches, 18s.





Pillow, 3s.; books, 10s.; a spinning wheel, 2s.














Thomas Buckland

 d. 28 May 1662
m. Temperance Denslow

Buckland, Thomas, Hartford. Died 28 May, 1662. (W.R.) Invt. £343-00-04. Taken 20 June, 1662, by Deacon Gaylord, Deacon Moore, Matthew Grant.

Court Record, Page 168—10 September, 1662: Adms. to the Widow and an Order for Dist.


To the Widow,             118-00-00
To Nicholas,                 30-00-00
To Thomas,                  30-00-00
To Temperance
 (m. John Ponder),        30-00-00
To Sarah,                     30-00-00
To Hannah,                  30-00-00
To Timothy,                 30-00-00 

To each, with what they have already received, £30 from the Estate when they attain to lawful age, the sons at 21 and the daughters at 18 years of age. This Court also orders that the Estate dist. to Elizabeth the wife of Edward Adams shall so remain to her and to her heirs, and that he shall give security that it shall not be alienated. 

Note: (See Manwaring Vol. III, No. 142 P. C.) Sarah m. John Phelps. See Will of Elizabeth Denslow, Gr. Mother to these Children.



Temperance (Denslow) Buckland

b. c. 1620
d. 26 July 1681
m. Thomas Buckland


Buckland, Temperance, Windsor. Invt. £90-18-04. Taken 19 August, 1681, by John Loomis sen., John Moore & Thomas Bissell sen. Will dated 21 March, 1680-1.

I Temperance Buckland, Widow; having grown aged & weak, do hereby declare that my Mind and Will is how I would have that portion of the Estate that I now injoy to be disposed of after my decease: Imprimis: I give to my son Nicholas Buckland my now Dwelling house & Orchard, being my Homelott, 2 acres of Pastureland, & in the Great Meadow 6 acres of Meadowland. This I give to my son Nicholas to be to himself and his heirs or assigns after my decease. Yet this I do desire of him while I live, that he take the best Care he is able for my Comfortable maintenance. I give to my daughter Hannah Buckland all my Household Goods of one Sort & another for her own use and dispose. This is all I have to express, & do witness the Truth of my Will & desire by setting to my Hand.

Witness:           Matthew Grant, John Grant.

Court Record, Page 46—1st November, 1681: Will & Invt. Exhibited. Adms. to Nicholas Buckland.

27 January, 1681-2: Joshua Wyllys gave a receipt for the legacy to his wife, who was Hannah Buckland. Signed, JOSHUA WYLLYS, HANNAH X WYLLYS
Witness: Michael Taintor, John Grant



Timothy Buckland

b. March 10, 1638-9
d. May 31, 1689
m. Abigail Vore 

Buckland, Timothy, Windsor.  Died 31 May, 1689. Invt. £167-08-00. Taken November,  1689, by Timothy Thrall, Zerubbabell Fyler.  The children: Thomas age 24 years, Abigail 22, Mary 19, Hanah 13, Elizabeth 10, Esther 6.

Court Record, Page 7-11 November, 1689:  Adms. to the Widow and son Thomas, dist:  To the Widow, £11; to each of the five daughters, £10.  The Remainder to Thomas Buckland.  He to pay his Sisters portions as they come to 18 years of age.

Page 64-(Vol. VII) 6 March, 1704-5: An Agreement in Writing made for the Settlement and Dist. of the Estate of Timothy Buckland, late of Windsor Decd, between the Widow & Children of the sd. Decd, under their Hands & Seals, was exhibited in this Court, accepted and allowed.

Page 91-(Probate Side, Vol. X); We whose names are underwritten, being desired by Thomas Buckland of Windsor to apprise and old house and about 2 acres and 1/2 of Homestead cited, being under Oath, have apprised the house at £4 and the Lands at £7 per acre; all, both House and Land, £21-10-00.  All which House and Land belonged to his Father, Timothy Buckland of Windsor decd, as he informed us, and was left of the Inventory.  Apprised by us March 9th, 1722-3, as Money.

(signed) Israel Stoughton, John Gaylord

Page 22-2 July, 1722-3;  Thomas Buckland, Adms, exhibited an Addition to the Invt. of £21-10-00.  Ordered recorded and kept on File. tate above mentioned be distributed as followeth: To Thomas Buckland, Abigail Hosford, Mary Buckland, Hannah Gillett and Elizabeth Burleson, the Children, in equal parts.  And appoint Israel Stoughton, John Gaylord and Samuel Strong, Dist.

See Dist. per File: 24 May, 1725; To the Widow Abigail Buckland, to Thomas, To Hannah Gillett, to Abigail Horsford, to Mary Buckland, to Elizabeth Burleson wife of Fearne Burleson, to Nathan Gillett & Timothy Horsford. By Thomas Sikes & John Gaylord


William Buell

b. abt 1610
d. 1681
m. Mary ? 

I give to my sone samul ye house and halfe ye home lote with all ye land I purchased of Wiliam Thrall and to my sone peter halfe ye home lot on ye north side and all ye medo and ye wat land yat was my on by gift of ye towne. my tols to be equaly divided betwexte samul and peter. my sone samul is to pay out eleven pounds and peter sixe pounds and this with ye reste of my goods to be equaly devided betwexte my dafters. only my dafter mary to have five pounds more than either of ye others these to prcels of land one by ye gravel hill ye other by ye mill brok which I leve to my wife disposing if she out lives mee and she is to in joy all this as long as she lives I doe with ye best of my understanding in witness whereof I set to my hand.

Witnesses: Nathan Gyllet, Timothy Phellps, Job Drake son of John, James Hillyer


2 cowes and a calfe and 5 swine & haye
house and home stead
3 acres in the great meadow at 6L ye acre
40 acres woodland that was William Thralls
30 acres woodland adjoininge given by ye Towne
10 acres in ye woods at gravill hill
5 acres at mill brooke
in beddinge and bedstead
in more beddinge and linine
in wareing clothese
in brass Iron and pewter
Tramells tonges glue with wooden ware
a gun sword table chest and other thinges
a syder board ould tubs and other thinges
Joyners tooles bench & wedges
grindstone timber and other thinges
debt due from the estate                           9-13-11 
credit oweinge to the estate                      5-03-8






Mary Buell

d. 1684
m. William Buell

I mary Buell being very weeck and ny to death and commiting my Soull to god and my bodey to Cristin byring but having my naterall understanding having som small things to despose of. my will is that my eldest datter Mary Milles shall have my red wascott and that hat which was Sarah's and one whit lininh appron and one blue appron when it is wove and the rest of my wooling and lining clothese. I give to my datter hannah pallmer and a larg hat and one puter plater and one tin pan. I give to my datter Hephzibah Welles 6 yards of linen Cloth, & I give to my gran child marey pallmer wooll cloth to make hir a cot and my gran child sarah pallmer wooll cloth for a wascottt and the rest of my wooll cloth is to be devided betwene my datters mary and hannah and rest of lining cloth is to be divided betwene my to datters Mary and hannah and I give to my datter hannah on blue appron and that is all that I give to my datters.

Witnesses: James Hillr, mary hillyer

The inventory of the estate of Mary Buell


on hatt
on hat
3 Linsy wolsy cottes & ould waskets
on carsy waskets
on sarg waskets  0-12-0 peniken wasket
carsy peticote
3 peticotes
Sarg houd
cloth cloke 0-10-  peniston 0-2-6
stockings 2 pr 0-2-0   shous0-4-0
greate say 0-5-0 flaxen aparons   0-3
4 callico aparons   0-4-0 cotton aparons   0-4
hollan aparon - 12s lining aparon
Blak neckecloth and [illegible]
4 neck handkerchee
other head Linnings
4 pair of gloves
lining yar 14 pound
wollings yarn 6 pound
Blak stake
9 barrels
meate and mealle
4 plate platters
half lint glas   0-0-6 large glas   02-0
on swine
six seven and halfe of land






Nicholas Denslow

d. abt. May, 1667 

Denslow, Nicholas, Windsor. Invt. £329-02-00. Taken 5 June, 1667, by Matthew Grant, Thomas Ford & Walter Fyler. Will dated 4 March 1666-7.

this is to testify that I Nicholas Denslow of Windsor doe make this my last Will & Testament: Imprimis: I make my wife sole Executrix, and do bequeath to her the Use and Improvement of my Whole Estate during her life, and when she dies I bequeath too Timothy Buckland my gr. Child all my Lott lying at Pine Meadow, both in the Meadow and out of the Meadow adjoining, as will appear upon Record. Item. I doe bequeath to Nicholas Buckland my gr. Child. at the death of my wife, all my Houseing and Homelott and all my Meadow Land in the Great Meadow, either pasture or Plowing, in all the parcels as will appear upon Record. Also I bequeath to him at the time aforesd. the Bedd I lye on and my furnace Pan all my Tooles of any sort for Husbandry. Also I give to him my Woodlott.  All the rest of my Estate in Cattle of all sorts, Corne or Moveables, within house or without, I leave to the free dispose of my wife, either before or when she dyes, to whome she sees meet. and to receive my Debts due to me or pay out any I doe owe. And I request these my friends to be my Overseers: Mr. Clarke, Capt. Newbery and Lt. Fyler.

Nicholas X Denslow

Witness: Matthew Grant, John Witchfield, George Phillips.


Court Record, Page 96-3 March, 1669-70: Capt. Aaron Cooke moves this Court for a Dist. of the Estate of Nicholas Denslow, late of Windsor, Decd, his wife being Co-heir to the Denslow Estate. No Action


Thomas Dewey

d. April 27, 1648
m. Widow Frances Clark 

Dewey, Thomas, Windsor (who married Frances Clarke, 22 March, 1638) Buried 27 April, 1684-(W.R.) Invt. £213-00-00. Taken 19 May, 1648, by David Wilton and Robert Winchell. Syxe Children, 4 Boyes and two gerlls; Mary Clarke, 12 years old; one sone Thomas Dewye, 8, Josiah, 7; Annah, 5; Isreall, 3; Jydidiah Dewey, 3/4 of a year old.

Court Record, Page 168-17 October, 1648. Dist of the Estate of Thomas Dewey was ordered as followeth:

 £60-00-00      To the Relict (widow)
 £30-00-00      To the eldest son by name Thomas Dewey
£100-00-00     to the other 5 children, £20 apeice
£190-00-00     TOTAL 

The daughters' portions of £20 to be paid them at the age of 18 years, and the severall sons' portion at the age of 21 years; the Relict giving in sufficient security to the Children for their severall portions.

George Phelps and Frances Dewey (the widow) were married 30 November, 1648 (W.R.).

Court Record, Vol. II, Page 9-6 June, 1650; It is agreed and concluded betwixt this Court, in the behalf of the Children of Thomas Dewey, and Geo: Phelps, of Wyndsor, that the whole of the Land, both Meadow and Upland, mentioned in sd. Dewey's Inventory, amounting to the sum of £78, shall be sequestered for the Children's portions so farr as it goes, and the remainder, being £52, hee Ingages himself to give into the Court sufficient security for the payment thereof, according to the will of the Court. The House and piece of Land belonging to it, valued at £40, the sd. Phelps accepts upon his wive's part of the Estate.

Page 2 (Vol. III) 4 June, 1663; Upon the Request of George Phelps and Frances, his wife, this Court do appoint Lt. Fyler, Robert Winchell and Matthew Grant to judge of the difference of the Land of Thomas Dewey, Deceased, for an equal Division amongst the children of sd. Dewey.


Israel Dewey

b. Sept. 25, 1645
d. October 23, 1678
m. Abigail Drake 

            Dewey, Israel, Court Record, Page 9-5 December, 1678; Capt. Daniel Clarke and Job Drake were made administrators on the Estate of Israel Dewey, Decd., and impowered to dispose of it in pay't of just debts so far as the estate will reach and return inventory in March next. (He owed to 7 persons, names given, about £50 in all.)


David Dewey

b. Jan. 11, 1675-76
d. Nov 30, 1712
m. Sarah ? 

In the name of God, Amen,

Whereas I, David Dewey of Westfield, in ye County of Hampshire in ye Massachusetts province of New England, being weak in body but of sound and good understanding, make and constitute this my last will and testament in a manner and for as followeth:

First I commit my soul into ye hand of God my Lord and Saviour who hath redeemed me, and my body to Christian burial, fully believing yt it shall by his grace have a blessed resurrection unto eternal life and glory.

And as for my worldly goods, I bequeath to my dear and beloved wife, Sarah Dewey, ten pounds wholly to be at her own disposal over and above ye thirds of my estate the law gives her.

Item. I bequeath to my eldest son David Dewey ten pounds more and above what either of his brethren, my other sons, proportions of my estate amounts unto, and unto their sister, my daughter Sarah Dewey, I give ten pounds less than they her two younger brothers single share thereof comes to.  I order something to be given to my servant Abigail Lee, but leave it to be done, what and how much, according as my wife shall see meet.  And for ye better performing this my last will, I make and constitute my beloved wife Sarah Dewey and my brother in law Philip Loomis of said Westfield, Joint executors thereof impowering them hereby to make sale of the land I bought of Mr. Taylor lying at ye rear of the homelots of ye Maudsleys, Ponders, &c., and so sign a deed of the sale of a part thereof sold by me to John Maudsley upon ye conditions that he is to perform specified in ye said deed and also to sell my land at Pechawseck if need require, and do order them yt they bring up my children with honorable education and learning according to their ranks and places. In witness whereof I set to my hand and seal this twenty-sixth day of November in ye eleventh year of her Majesty's Reign, Ann, by ye grace of God of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, Queen, Defender of the Faith, and in ye year of our Lord, 1712.

Signed, sealed, and delivered in ye presence of us. Edward Taylor, Jonathan Allford, Ebenezer Bush, Ephraim Phelps….DAVID DEWEY. [L.S.]

Hampshire, ss.:

Feb. 3, 1712-13.   Jonathan Allford, Ebenezer Bush, Ephraim Phelps made oath before me, under written Judge of ye Probate of Wills for said county, that they saw David Dewey, within signing (now Deceased), Sign and Seal ye within instruments as his last will and testament and that he did in according to their judgement And that they signed as witnesses thereto in presence of the Said deceased which said will the executors therein named having accepted their trust was by me approved and allowed of.

Samuel Partridge, Clerk.


To a house, barn, and homestead on ye west side of the highway
a house, barn, and homestead on ye east side of the highway
4 lots in ye field called ye Plain
4 lots in ye 100 Acres (so called)
land in Squawfield
land at Pochassic and out lands,
land at Wolfe Pit Plain and ye head of ye Mill pond
land upon Monggoe Hill
horses, neat cattle, and sheep
cart and wheels, chairs and table, and other utensils
pair of horse shackles and spade
axes, hoes, forks, sickles, part of a dragg and harrow
beetles and wedges, part of a grindstone and winch
an old cider Mill and Press
wearing clothes, both linen and woolen stockings, and shoes
arms and amminition
wheat and pease 12-15, Indian Corn, 4-10
grain sown both wheat and rye
flax in ye sheaf 20, and sundry tools 11, and fan
half bushel and seed, books, chairs, cushions
wheels, reels, baggs, and cradle
5 Iron stillyard and hatchets 2-6, linen and woolen yarn and box iron
pewter, brass, iron, and wooden ware, with sundry other necessaries in
the house
beds, beding, trunks, chests, boxes, new cloth, and other things
saddles, bridles, riging, warming pan and wool
linen, old casks, feathers 1-4, malt-meal, rye, and hops 15
salt bacon, and sithes 19-2, buttons, linen, and drug
shallow tammy crape, and a box of lumber
tobacco comb, marking iron, and money scales
a parcel of pasture land 60, and ready money in ye house 1-5
loombs, tackings, and all other utensils belonging to ye combing
a rubstone and razors, and half a hoan 3-6, barrells of cider
old iron, paper, a remnant of cloth and old pewter and all
a parcel of oats and a cheese press.







To Joseph Maudsley, Stephen Kellogg, and Nehemiah Loomis.

Hampshire, ss.:

Feb. 3, 1712-13. Sarah Dewey and Philip Loomis, Executors to ye last will and testament of David Dewey, late deceased, made oath before me, underwritten Judge of ye Probate of Wills etc. for said county, that ye within written was a true inventory of ye estate of said deceased so far as they known, and if more appear they will readily make discovdry of ye same fron time to time.

Samuel Partridge.


Thomas Dibble

b.c. 1613
d. 17 November 1700
m. Miriam (_____) 

Dibble, Thomas, Senr., Windsor, Invt. £60-14-01. Taken 1st November 1700 by Samuel Cross, Nathaniel Gaylord and Alexander Allen. Will dated 17 February 1699-1700.

"I, Thomas  Dibble, Sen., of Windsor, doe make this my last will and testament: Imprimis: To my son Samuel and wife I give the north half part of my  orchard whereon he liveth, during his natural life, and the remainder to his son Samuel. To my son Thomas Dibble and his wife I give the other half of my orchard during life, and the remainder to his son Abram. Item. I give to my daughter Miriam Gillett that two acres  of meadow she now possesseth. Item. To my said daughter Miriam I give, for the use of her son, my best broadcloth coat, hatt and  breeches. All the rest of my apparrel to be divided, two parts to my sons Samuel and Thomas, the other part to be to my grandsons Josiah Dibble and Wakefield Dibble.

I appoint Mr. John Elliot and son-in-law Samuel Gibbs to be executors."

Witness: John Eliot, Alexander Allin. (Signed) Thomas X Dibble, Senior.


"A schedule, expressing the form and manner how I would have my household stuffe and other moveables disposed and divided, is as follows: To my daughter Miriam 2 pewter basons, 1 platter, 1 quart pot, two porringers, one saucer, one dram cup, a chafendish, a choping knife, 2 old skilletts, a settle, and the cest (chest) that use to stand by my bedside, five yards of two cloth and 40  shillings in pay, to be paid by my son-in-law Samuel Gibbs out of that he oweth me. To my grand daughter, Eliza: Gibbs, the  bedstead, feather bed, and all thereto appeartaining, which is in the parlour, 1 iron pot and crooks, best table, and box with lock and key, 3 chairs, best brush, 1 square basket, one pressing iron, best shears, one bodkin, pair stillyards. To Experience Gibbs, 1 iron kettle, 2 chairs, an old chest, the trundle bedstead, bed and green rug, best and worst pillows, 1 little table and a gridiron. To  Mirriam Gibbs, the worst of ye beds and worst table and a little basket. To Hepzibah Dickson, a brass candlestick. To Palidence [sic] Denslow, a half pint cup and a corn bowl. To Joanna Loomis, 2 smoothing irons and a pair of pot hooks. To the Rev. Mr. Samuel Mather, Senior, my gun and sword and my andirons, tongs and spit." 


Witness: John Eliott, Alexander Allin.
(Signed) Thomas X Dibble,  Senior.

Job Drake

d. August 6, 1689
m. Mary Wolcott 

Drake, Job sen., Windsor. Invt. £583-00-00. Taken 28 October 1689 by John Maudsely & John Moore. Will dated 14 September, 1689.

The last Will & Testament of Job Drake sen. of Windsor; I give unto my wife the Use of my Dwelling house & Barn, Orchard & Homelott, except that which I give unto my son Job, with my Pasture I bought of Goodman Bissell, the Land in the Little Meadow & the 10 acres of Land I had of my Brother Christopher, & the Inclosed Lands in the Wood & that lyeth against the Door of my dwelling house, & £40 of my Household Goods. I give unto my son Job 6 acres of Land that I had of my Father Drake. I give to him & his heirs forever my Dwelling house, Barn, Orchard & Homelott, with all my Land within the Township of  Windsor, excepting such parcels as I shall otherwise dispose of, provided that he record to his son Job that house and that part of the Homelott, with his Barn, which he now injoyeth, with his lowest Lott toward Poduncke at 21 years of age. I give to my daughter Elizabeth the 4 acres of Land in the Great Meadow that I bought of Goodman Thrall, at my wife's decease. I give to Ephraim Colton 40 Shillings and small Rapier. I have given to my gr. Child Israel Dewey 2 young Steers, as also a Chest marked E. D. To my gr. Child Susanna Packer, my Land at Greenfield, & the product of 14 acres I sold to Nathan, or the Land if he pay not for it, according to his Bill or Bonds. I give to Joseph Dewey £4 of my Estate, to be paid to him when my son Job possesseth the rest of my Lands. I give to my gr. Child Mary Drake that which is due to me from my Father Drake's Estate, also from my Brother Jacob's Estate, also £4. I give to my gr. son, Joseph Dewey, Land over the River above John Osborne's which was my Father Drake's. I give to my gr. Child, Job Colton, £5 in a young beast, and a gunn. I give to Elizabeth, my son Job's wife, 50 Shillings in some good thing. The remainder of my estate to be divided amongst my Children, that is to Job, Abigail, Elizabeth and Esther. I ordain my son Job Drake to be sole Executor, & desire John Moore and Thomas Griswold to be Supervisors.

Job Drake Sen.
Witness: John Richard, James Glen
Court Record, Page 5-11 November, 1689; Will proven


John Drake

b. 1585
d. 1659
m. Elizabeth Rodgers 

Aug. 17, 1659, John Drake, Sr, dyed accidentally as he was driving a cart loaded with corn to carry from his house to his son Jacob's; the cattle being 2 oxen, and his mare. In the highway, against John Griffin's, some thing scared the cattle, and they set a running, and he laboring to stop them by taking hold on the mare, was thrown down on his face, and the cart-wheel went over him, brake one of his legs, and bruised his bodye so that be was taken up dead, being carried to his daughter's house, had life come again, but dyed in a short time, and was buried on the 18th of August, 1659.


James Forbes

d. March 27, 1692
m. Katharen ? 

            Forbes, James, Hartford, Died 27 March, 1692. Invt. £344-11-05 Taken 16 December, 1692, by Joseph Olmsted and Roger Pitkin.
11 January, 1692-3, an Agreement of the Heirs for a settlement and Division of the Estate: To the Widow Katharen Forbes, to David Forbes in Land, to James Forbes in Land, to William Roberts in right of his wife Dorothy, land to equal £20, to Mary Forbes £20, to Sarah Forbes £20, to James Forbes, the Eldest son, he paying all the Debts due from the Estate & Portions aforesaid. All the remainder of the Estate to the sons & William Roberts, to them & their Heirs forever.

Witness: Joseph Olmsted, Roger Pitkin

John Forbes, Dorothy Roberts, Mary Forbes, David Forbes and Sarah Forbes, being all of age, to receive their portions; and James Forbes will be 16 on the 14th of May next.

Court Record, Page 50-11 January, 1692-3: Invt & Agreement Exhibited in Court and confirmed. Adms. to John Forbes; and Deac. Olmsted and Roger Pitkin to make Distribution according to this Agreement.


Elias Gillett

b. July 1, 1649
d. Feb 15, 1731-2
m. Sarah Griffin


Gillett, Elias, Windsor. Invt. £18-05-00. Taken 13 March, 1731-2, by Jacob Drake and Daniel Loomis.

Court Record, Page 61-29 February, 1731-2; Adms. granted to William Kelsey of Hartford, and the sd. Adms. informed this Court that the estate is insolvent, as he supposeth.  This Court order him to make further inquiry and report to this Court 1'st April next.


William Graves

d. 1679
m. Sarah (widow Dibble) 

WM. GRAVES, Newtown (Long Island). Leaves legacies to Abigail, Mary,  Hannah and Rebecca, the daughters of Joseph Phillips, of said town, all under age. Also  to Joan Madock, widow to David Vickree, "now in the house with me." To Nicholas Elder, Mary  Case, wife of Thomas Case, Mary Scudder, wife of John Scudder. Leaves to his daughter, Hannah  Graves, six acres of upland next to the old house in Newtown. Also a cove of meadow near my creeke,  and to extend from a certain white oak tree down the said creek to Captain John Coe's creek.  Leaves all rest of land and goods to "the little children of my daughter Hannah Graves," and to "my  grandchild, Abigail Dibble, now living in Connecticutt." Makes daughter Hannah executor, and Mr.  Robert Field, Sr., and Lieut. Gershom Moore executors in trust. Leaves to Mr. Robert Field "my  best suit of clothes, and to Lieut. Gershom Moore my beaver hatt, my pipe and my boots which were my  son John's, and to George Wood, Sr., my cloak."

Dated July 13, 1679. Witnesses, Thomas Eshrington, Nicholas Eades.
Inventory. Housing, upland and meadow, £ l3O. Total  amount, £ 219 9s. 8d.

Whereas JOHN GRAVES, of Newtown, did in his will give to his father, Wm. Graves, all his land, but if his sister Hannah or her children should survive him, then the said lands were to go to them. And whereas the said Wm. Graves, the father, not long after likewise departed this life before the will of his son could be proved, and in his will did appoint his daughter Hannah his executor, with Robert Field, Sr., and Gershom Moore executors in trust, since which his daughter Hannah has likewise departed this life, the said Robert Field and Gershom Moore are confirmed as executors. July 8, 1679.


John Griffin

b. England
d. abt. 1681
m. (H)Anna Bancroft 

John Griffin, Simsbury Inv. £184:18:00. Taken 23, Aug. 1681 by John Case, & Samuel Wilcoxson.

 The children: John 25; Thomas 23; Ephraim 12; Nathaniel 9; Hannah 31; Mary 27; Sarah 26; Abigail 21; Ruth 16; Mindwell 19.

Court Record pg. 44. 1 Sept. 1681. Inventory exhibited. This Court grant administration on the Estate to Hannah Griffin, the widow and her sons John & Thomas.

Pg. 69 (Vol.5) 4 Apr. 1694 An account of the Wastage of John Griffin's estate being brought into this Count, amounting to £21:09:00 by the account appears a clear Estate of £25: 05:09 which this Count Distributes: to the eldest son a double portion £22:l5:06, and equal portions, viz.: £11:07:09 to each of the other 9 children. And whereas the Town of Simsbury granted to the Widow of sd John Griffin a piece of upland of about 4 acres near John Terries Land & 12 acres under the Mountain, which by the sd Widow's mind declared, and consent of the Rest of the Children the sd Land should belong to Ephraim and Nathaniel Griffin. This Court doth approve thereof, and doe order Mr. John Higley, John Slater & Peter Bewill to make a Partition of the Estate accordingly.


Deacon Stephen Hart

b.c. 1605
d. 1682/83 

HEART, Steven, Deacon, sen., Farmington. Invt. £340-04-00. Taken 31 March, 1682-3, by Thomas Heart, John Heart. Will dated 16 March, 1682-3.

I Stephen Heart of Farmington do make this my last Will & Testament: For the settleing of this my Estate, my Will is as followeth: That my Farme which I formerly have given to my three sons, John Heart, Steven Heart & Thomas Heart, the ½ of my Farme to John, ¼ to Steven, the other quarter to Thomas. I give to my gr. son Thomas Porter & to my son-in-law John Cole my plowing Land & Meadow & Swamp which was sometime part of Andrew Warner's Farme, & abutts on my son Steven Heart's Land on the North. I do give it to them to be equally (divided) betwixt them, the ingagement of my wife being fulfilled. I give to my sons Steven and Thomas Heart that 10 acres of Land which I bought of Andrew Warner, that lyes in the Farme Meadow, to be equally divided betwixt them. I give to my sons Steven and Thomas Heart and to my daughters Sarah Porter and Mary Lee, my Swamp Lott in the Great Swamp and all the rest of my Upland Divisions, divided or undivided, to be equally divided betwixt them. I give to my gr. child Dorothy Porter £10. I give to my gr. child John Lee £3. I give to my gr. child John Heart, my eldest son's son, £3. I do give to my beloved wife a little Kettle that holds about a peck, as also a colt which I gave her, which was recorded to her. And as to all the rest of my Estate, within dores and without, all dues & Debts (except 1-3 part of all my Linen, & a Cow, & £10 given to my wife, as also £5 of Annuity during her natural life in case she survive me, as may appear by a former Instrument), And as for the rest as abovesd., I give to my sons, Steven and Thomas Heart, and my beloved daughters, Sarah Porter and Mary Lee, and my son-in-law, John Cole, whom I make my Executors.

Steven Heart.

Witness: John Wadsworth sen.,
Robert Porter.

Court Record, Page 69 -- 4 April, 1683: Will proven. Mrs. Margaret Heart, Ensign Thomas Heart, Sarah Porter and Mary Lee personally appeared and made oath to the Inventory.

 Viz: A house and homestead,


 Land at Nod, on the east side of the river,


 Twelve acres of land in the great meadow,


 Two acres of land in the farme meadow,


 Fower cows & a yearling, and two sucking calves,


 Two horses, œ5, three sheepe & two lambes, 40 s,


 Corn in the chamber,


 Brass and iron in the house,


 Bookes, œ5, two hatts, 18 s,


 Three payre of shoes and reed making tools,


 Lining (linen)


 By provision and wooden ware in the seller


 By augurs, cob irons, with other tooles, old iron,


 Wearing cloathes, œ10-12,


 Beds, bedding and bed steds, œ15-12,


 Chees boxes, table seats and other weare,


 Woolen and lining cloth, and a carpet, 1-14,


 Arms and ammunition, and a small pann,


 1 swine, corn and flax seed, 16, hay, 1-10


 Great swamp lott and upland belonging to it,


 Other lands not yet layd out, the worth not known,


 Pewter & tin & earthern ware,


 Forck, rakes and old iron, 9d






Apprized by us, 
         ISACK MORE

In her will, dated 18 February 1691/2 and proved 1 March 1693/4 "Margeret Harte of Farminton", Stephen’s 2nd wife, bequeathed to her Smith children and grandchildren.


George Hayes 

b.c. 1655
d. 2 September 1725
m. Abigail Dibble 

Hayes, George, Sen., Salmon Brook, Simsbury. (Age about 70 years.) Invt. £259-04-07 Taken by John Higley, Samuel Griswold and Jonathan Westover. Will dated 30 April, 1725.

I George Hayes, Sen., of Simsbury, doe make this my last will and testament: I give my wife Abigail Hayes my homested and so much household furniture as may be necessary to her during her widowhood. I give unto my son Daniel the sum of £10 more than any other of my children (except it be my daughter Abigail) in money or equivalent thereunto out of my estate when the same may fall to them to be divided. I give unto my daughter Abigail £5 more than to any child or daughter I have, by reason of her lameness. I give to my son Benjamin, besides what I gave him already by deed, my 10-acre piece of marsh commonly called the Bener Marsh, and also my whole part or share in our sawmill at Salmon Brook, with this condition or promise, that he the sd. Benjamin shall dwell and live with me and support me in all my wants and necessities and carefully carry on the business required and usual to be done and performed in my husbandry on my farm, and to behave himself toward me as a dutiful child ought to do towards a dutiful parent during my natural life. And my will and desire also is That if I should happen to decease in such a time of the year so soon or soon after my sd. son has gotten in my crops of grain and hay, etc., or such other products of my sd. farm, that the same be not put nor entered in an inventory, but that the same be wholly for the use and benefit of my now present family, namely. my wife, my daughter Abigail and son Benjamin I give unto my four sons, Daniel, George, William and Samuel, 2-3 parts of my remaining estate, to be equally divided between them. And the other Third part of my sd. estate I give unto my daughters Abigail, Sarah, Mary, Johanna, Thankfull and Doritha, to be equally divided between them. I make my wife and my son Daniel my executors.

Witness: Joseph East,   George HAYES LS.
Lydia X Hixley, Elizabeth X Bartlett.

Court Record, Page 105—5 October, 1725: Will now exhibited by Abigail Hayes, widow, and Daniel Hayes, named executors in sd will. Approved. James Hillyer, of Symsbury, in right of his wife (one of the daughters of George Hayes decd), desired an appeal from the judgement of this Court approveing the will. Granted


Nathaniel Holcomb I

b. 1648
d. 1740/41
m. Mary Bliss 

Holcomb, Nathaniel, Simsbury. Invt. L100 plus. Taken 2 April, 1741, by Elias Slater and Jno. Owen, Jr. Will dated 7 February, 1740-1:

I, Nathaniel Holcomb, Sen., of Simsbury, do make this my last will and testament: Imprimis. To my wife, besides what I have already secured for her before marriage, I give her the sum of 20 shillings. Item. I give to my sons, Nathaniel, Jonathan, John and Benjamin, that lott of land of 150 acres that lyeth near the northwest corner of the Town bounds, to be equally divided between them. Also, to my sons, Nathaniel, Jonathan and John, I give the 1/2 of my propriety in Windsor of undivided land. To my son Nathaniel I also give my right and interest in the Copper Hill, the whole of it, and also that addition of land that was made to my lott at Raven Swamp. To Jonathan I give further 10 acres of land lying on Salmon Brook Plaine. To John I give 12 acres of land lying at Barn Door Hills. I give to my son Benjamin the other half of my right in Windsor undivided lands, the house and homestead I now dwell on, being about 3 acres, with the orchard standing on it; also 14 acres of land at the head of Owen's Brook, as it was layd out, be it more or less; also the remainder of my home division lott that I am now possessed of; also 10 acres of land at a place called Slater's Swamp, bounded south in part on Elias Slater's land. Also, I give to Benjamin the 1/2 of my copper's (cooper's?) tools and my best gunn, and the other half to my sons Nathaniel, Jonathan and John. To my five daughters, Mary, Katharine, Hester, Sarah and Margaret, I give, after debts and legacies are paid out of them, the remainder of my moveable estate, to be divided equally amongst them. And to the son of my daughter Martha deceased I give 20 shillings, to be paid him by my sons Nathaniel, Jonathan and John, to buy him a Bible. To my daughter Mary I give her a cow in particular, to be taken out of my moveables before the division is made. And ordain my son Benjamin to be my sole executor.
Witness: Ekas Slater, NATHANIEL HOLCOMB, LS.
Ephraim Bewell, Timothy Woodbridge. 


Thomas Holcomb

b. abt 1610
d. 1657
m. Elizabeth ? 

Holcomb, Thomas, Windsor. Invt. £294-09-08. Taken 1st October, 1657, by Benjamin Newbery, Daniel Clark.

Children Joshua age 17 years, Benajah 13, Nathaniel 9, Abigail 19, and Deborah 5-7 years of age.

Signed, Matthew Grant.
Adms. granted to the Widow Elizabeth Holcomb. Order of Dist
  £   s   d
42-18-00         To the Widow,
42-18-00         To Joshua,
33-07-00         To Benajah,
28-12-00         To Nathaniel,
28-12-00         To Abigail,
28-12-00         To Deborah,

George and Edward Griswold enter a Claime to part of the Estate, but remit the Claim.
James Enno and Elizabeth Holcomb, Widow, were married 5 August, 1658.

On this 15th day of December, 1660, I doe acknowledge to have re-ceived of my Father Enno of my wive's portion the whole sum.
SAMUEL BISSEL. (husband of Abigail)

On this 17th day of December, 1660, I doe acknowledge to have received of my Father Enno ye full sum of my portion. Witness my Hand


John Matson

b. 1665
d. May 11, 1728
m. Mary ? 

Matson, John, Simsbury.  Died 11 May 1728. Invt. £382-18-04, Taken by John Higley and Samuel Griswold.  Will dated 28 May 1725.

I, John Matson, Sen., yeoman, do on this 28 day of May, 1725, make, ordain and appoint this my last will and testament:  I give to my eldest son, John Matson, Jr., the lott or parcell of land which I bought by way of exchange of my brother George Haies, being half of his whole lott commonly called the upper meadow lott, to him and his heirs forever.  And whereas  have given him before, by several deeds, severall tracts of land, now this is to cut him off from coming in for any more double portion, and it shall be in full of his portion together with the money he stands now indebted to me, and daily supplies and helps from an by me.  I give unto my other two sons, Joshua and Edward Matson, my tract or a parcell of land containing 200 acres given to me by the Town, called the division land, in sd. Simsbury, in equal shares, to them and their heirs forever.  I give unto my wife, Mary Matson 1-2 of all the remaining part of my estate, both real and personal, as houses, barn, cattle, sheep and swine, and household furniture, and lands and meadows, that is to say, the houses, barn, orchard, land and the meadows, to possess and injoy during her natural life; and the cattle, sheep, swine and household furniture to do as she see good and at her own disposal at her will and pleasure,.  I give unto my daughter Elizabeth and my sd. two sons, Joshua and Edward Matson, the other half part of my sd. remaining estate, both real and personal, as houses, barn orchard, cattle, sheep, swine and household furniture, to be equally divided between them, they paying out of the same the sum of £60 in current money or bills of credit of sd. Colony, that is to say, £20 unto my daughter Mary, now the wife of Ebenezer Lamson, and £20 unto my daughter Jane, now the wife of George Hayes, Junior, and £20 unto my daughter Esther, now single woman or maiden, the payment to be well and truly made within or at the expiration of three years after my decease.  I give also unto my sd. daughter and sons, Elizabeth Joshua and Edward, after the decease of their mother, my now dear and loving wife, all the abovesd. half of my real estate which I have left for her to injoy during her life, to them and each of them an equal share.  I appoint my well-beloved wife Mary Matson and my trusty friends John Case, Sen., and Jonathan Westover, both of sd. Simsbury, my executors.

John Matson, Sen., LS.
Witness: Samuel Hays,
Jonathan Holcomb, Abraham Dibel. 

Court Record, Page 194-3 July, 1728: Capt. Jonathan Westover and Mary Matson now appeared and accepted the executorship.

Pate 20 (Vol. XI) 28 May, 1730: Edward Matson, a minor, chose Daniel House to be his guardian. Recog., £50.


John Moses

b. 1626
d. October 14, 1683
m. Mary Brown 

Moses, John, Windsor, Died 14 October, 1683. Invt. £575-01-00, Taken by Henry Wolcott, Timothy Phelps sen., Daniel Birge. The children; John age 28 years, Timothy 14, Mary 22, Sarah 19, Margaret 17, Martha 12, Mindwell 7 years.

Court Record, Pate 75-6 December, 1683: Invt. Exhibited.

Page 79-18 December, 1683: Adms. to the Widow and son John, Order to Distribute: To the Widow, £64 of personal Estate forever, and on third of the Real during Life; to the Eldest son, £124; to Timothy, £66; to Mary, Eldest daughter, because of her weakness, £70; to the others £60 at lawful age. John Moore and Return Strong to be Overseers.

Page 84-6 March, 1684: Whereas this Court hath been informed that in John Moses' Inventory there is a parcel of Land bought of Sarah Linsley, 13 acres, valued at £13, which is Judged worth £60, that parcel of Land is by these appointed to distribute the estate to be Valued in proportion as the other Land, & what overpluss it makes is to help beare what the Estate is fallen short since the Inventory was taken.

File record, 12 February, 1683: An accott of the Widow's part of the Moveable Layd out to her. Inventory of the Estate of Mary Moses, deceased. Taken 23 September, 1689, £62-12-00, by John Moore.

Estate of John Moses, Simsbury, 1690-1-To the constable of Simsbury to serve and return: In their Maties Name you are required to warne John Moses of your Town to appear at the Court to be held on at Hartford the first Thursday in March next, to Answer Samuel Farnsworth in Right of his wife, as he is Administrator to the Estate of John Moses deceased, in action of the case for his neglecting to make payment to sayd Farnsworth the sum of Seventy pounds due to him in the right of his wife as her proportion of her father's Estate allotted to her by the Court, with necessary costs & charges.  Herof fayle not. Dated at Hartford, Feb. 10, 1690-1.

John Allyn, Secretary
February the 11th, 1690.
Then this warrant was served upon John Moses by me,
John Robearts, Constable for Simsbury.

Received of John Moses , as Administrator to ye Estate of John Moses deceased, ion Right of my wife Mary, the daughter of the said deceased, as part of her portion ordered and distributed to her out of the Estate of the said John Moses deceased, the sum of seventeen pounds seven shillings an six pence. I say received the 16th of January, 1690, pr. me,

Signed and sealed, Samuel Farnsworth.
in presence of: Samuel Clarke sen., Timothy Phelps sen.


Mary (Brown) Moses

b. abt. 1633
d. September 14, 1689
m. John Moses 

Moses, Mary. Invt. £62-12-00. Taken 23 September, 1689, by John Moore.  Nuncupative Will, dated 9 September, 1689.  Mary Moses' last Will was that her son John should have 2 Barrells of Syder, and that Timothy should have the Cyder Mill & Press, & the rest of the Estate should be equally divided amongst the rest of her Children.

(Not signed)

Witness: George Norton, George Drake, Jr.
Court Record, Page 7-11 November, 1689: Will & Inventory exhibited. This Court appoint Timothy Phelps & Josiah Gillett Dist. the Estate.


John Owen

John Owen, b. 12/25/1624
d. 2/18/1697-98
m. Rebecca Wade 

Owen, John sen, Died 18 February, 1698, Invt. £29-01-00. Taken 5 April 1698 by Lt. Hayden and Benajah Holcomb.

Court record page 22-5, April 1698: Inventory exhibited being only personal estate, and that given to the widow to be at her dispose, the children consenting. Inventory inclkuded four coats and four pairs of britches, a powdering barrell, books and bottles, pewter platter, dishes, spoons and ladle, brass cast skillet and brass kettle, table cloths and a dpzen napkins.


William Phelps

b. 1599
d. July 14, 1672
m. (1) Elizabeth ?, (2) Mary Dover 

These presents testify, that I, William Phelps, of Windsor, on Connecticut, in consideration of a marriage concluded between my son Timothy, on the one part, and Mary, the daughter of Edward Griswold, on the other part; have given and granted, and by these presents do give and grant unto my son, that he, the said Timothy, shall jointly enjoin and possess, together with me, all my houseing, lands and accommodations, as also all me estate, both real and personal, both within door and without, with all the property emoluments, products, and income of the same, during my material life: And my said son is to inhabit and dwell in my house, with me and my wife, in joint way; and that it shall continue during my material life; and if my wife shall survive me, she have and enjoy in a joint way with my son the estate for her maintenance as before expressed.  But if my wife chooses to settle in any place and to leave the house, then my son shall pay yearly to my wife, the sum of ten pounds during her material life, and in case I myself in my life time, or my wife after my decease, in her lifetime while she abides, to inhabit with my said son Timothy, she see cause or desire it, I do reserve power both for myself and for her, after my decease to dispose a barrel or two of cider and some apples yearly, without any harm to the premises, and likewise I do reserve like liberty for myself and my wife, to dispose of my wearing apparel, and whom we shall meet to enjoy them after our decease.  Also I do give full power of bequeathing the great brass pan at her decease; and my son Timothy is to carry the improvements of the whole Estate, and to order and dispose of the stock, so far as the necessity of our subsistence shall require, and after my decease and the decease of my wife, my said son Timothy shall have and enjoy all my whole Estate fore mentioned to him  and his heirs forever; always provided that in case my said son Timothy shall die and leave no natural heirs begotten by him, that shall either not attain the age of twenty one years or marry, then the one-half of my lands excepting orchard and pasture down to the bridge, that goeth unto the meadow; also the upper pasture by the house that shall belong to the house, shall return to William, the son of my son Samuel.  Also my son Timothy is to pay out of the Estate:  Imprimis to discharge my daughter Mary, with that which is paid, the sum of thirty-four pounds, which is the full portion I allow her.  To my son William twenty shillings, to Samuel ten pounds, to Nathaniel fifteen pounds, to Joseph five pounds - these legacies to my sons to be discharged within two years of my decease.

In consideration of the premises we both have hereunto set our hands this 22nd day of April Anno Dom. 1660.

Witness to signatures:
Daniel Clark, William Phelps, James Alford, Timothy Phelps
Entered in the Windsor, Conn., Retisted, July 26th, 1672; Mathew Grant, Register.


Sarah (Griswold) Phelps Pinney

b. abt. 1635
d. 1715
m. (1) Samuel Phelps, (2) Nathaniel Pinney 

Pinney, Sarah, Windsor. Invt. £28-19-05. Taken 26 December, 1715, by Benajah Holcomb and Joseph Phelps.  Will dated 13 June, 1711.

I, Sarah Pinney of Windsor, widow, being aged and weak, doe make this my last will and testament: I give to my four daughters, Sarah Moore, Mary Addams, Abigail Winchell and Sarah Grant, the wife of Thomas Grant, the whole of my estate, to be equally divided between them.  I make my brother Ensign Joseph Griswold and Sergt. Benajah Holcomb executors.

Witness: Nathaniel Griswold, Matthew Allyn.
signed Sarah X Pinney, L.S.

Court Record, Page 6-7 February, 1715-16: Will proven.  The executors decline the trust.  Adms. is granted to Benjamin Addams of Simsbury.


John Porter

b. 1600
d. 1648
m. Anna White 

Dated April 20, 1648, proved 7 June1649 

I give to my eldest son John Porter 100 pounds, and to my second son Jeames Porter I give three score pounds, and to my other six children to wit :  Samuel Porter, Nathaniel Porter, Rebecca Porter, Rose Porter, Mary Porter, Anna Porter, I give to each of them thirty pounds apiece..…My son Joseph Judson is to take twenty shillings of Thomas Thornton the next winter.  Also I give fifty shillings to the poor of Wyndsor church.           

My desire is that these my beloved friends would be the overseers of this my last Will and testament.  Mr. Warham  of Wyndsor, Mr. Goodwin of Hartford, Goodman White of Hartford, Matthew Graunt of Wyndsor.

Witnesses.  Henry Clarke.                                                                      John Porter.
Abigaill Branker. 

His two eldest daughters Anna and Sarah thought the portions given them by their father at their marriage should be made the same as their younger sisters, as appears from the following report of the committee appointed to consider the matter. 

March 7th, 1650

Upon the consideration of the business referred to our consideration touching the children of John Porter of Wyndsor, deceased, We finding some expressions of his that he would make the portions of his two eldest daughters as good as his younger; also we conceive the eldest were helpful to the estate and that the Lord hath taken away one of the younger daughters and that the rest of the children are disposed of without damage to their portion; our apprehensions are (if the Court see meet) that the two eldest daughters portions be made up thirty pounds apiece.

John Taillcott, William Westwood.


William Thrall

b. August 8, 1605
d. August 3, 1679
m. Elizabeth ? 

Thrall, William, Windsor. Died 3 August, 1679. Invt. £158-09-00. Taken by Christopher Sanders, Jacob Drake. Will dated 11 December, 1678.

I William Thrall of Windsor do give and bequeath my Outward Estate, my House Barn & all my Lands of one sort or other. Upland or Meadow, to my son Timothy Thrall, to be his & his heirs forever, yt with this Profiso, that upon his possession thereof he stand bound to discharge the Legacies as followeth; First: that he pay to Daughter Phillip(i) Hosford the sum of £45, to be paid within 3 years after my decease. Second: that he pay to Samuel Cross, & also to her that Was Mary Cross, both which live with me, 5 Shillings apeice. Third: That he pay to Mr. Benjamin Woodbridge 20 Shillings. It is my Will & I do give to my gr. child Sarah Hosford the little House I have begun to build on John Hosford's Land, For my Household Goods, what is in the possession of my son Timothy Thrall I do bestow on him. & what part of my Household Goods is in possession of John Shepherd I do give to my daughter Phillipi Thrall. A Cow of mine in John Hosford's Hands I do give to Daughter Phillip(i) Hosford. & the Cattle or Stock in my son Timothy Thrall's Hands I give to him. I ordain my son Timothy Thrall Executor. Also I desire Mr. Benjamin Woodbridge and Abraham Phelps to be my Overseers.

William X Thrall
Witness: Job Drake, Mary Woodbridge.

Court Record, Page 18-45 December, 1679: Will & Invt. proven.


Timothy Thrall

b. July 25, 1641
d. June, 1697
m. Deborah Gunn 

Thrall, Timothy, Windsor. Died June, 1697 (W.R.). Invt. £797-14-07. Taken 25 June, 1697, by Daniel Hayden, Samuel Cross and Michael Taintor. Will dated 13 May, 1697.

I Timothy Thrall of Windsor, being of sound mind & in Health of Body, doe make my Last will & Testament: I give to my daughter Deborah Moses £10, to Elizabeth Cornish £20, to my daughter Abigail Thrall £30. I give to my four sons, Timothy, John, Thomas and Samuel, all my right and Propriety in those Lands which Lye within the Township of Windsor which were appointed by the Towne to be divided to the proprietors. Inhabitants, by a comitte chosen for that end in the year 168-. I give and bequeath unto my son John Thrall, in the East side of my farm in Windsor, at a place Commonly Called Hoyt's meadow, Twelve rodds in breadth bounding easterly in part on Samuel Gibbs, part by Samll Cross, south by the Riverlett, & to runn northerly til it comes to my north bounds.  All the rest of my farm at Hoyt's Meadow, both upland and meadow, I give to my two sons Thomas & Samuel, to be equally divided betwixt them. And they shall each of them have a Yoake of Oxen or Steers, fitt for worke. and One Cow or Heifer a piece, three years of age at least, to be delivered within three years after my decease by my Executor afternamed. And all the Residue of my Estate and good & Cattells not herein above bequeathed, after my debts and funeral expenses are discharged, I doe give and bequeath to my son John Thrall, whom I doe make sole Executor.

Timothy Thrall L.S.
Witness: Jacob Gibbs, sen., Abraham Phelps

Court Record, Page 11-12-6 July, 1697: The Will and Invt. Exhibited and approved. At the same Court John Thrall and Thomas Thrall declared that Samuel Thrall & Abigail Thrall, being 15 years of age. made choice of Daniel Heyden to be their guardian.


John Thrall

b. June 5, 1671
d. Apr 18, 1732
m. Mindwell Moses 

Thrall, Sergt. John, Windsor. Died 18 April, 1732. Invt. £856-16-06. Taken 15 May, 1732, by Jonathan Stiles, Peletiah Allyn and Job Drake. Will dated 18 April, 1732.

I, John Thrall of Windsor, do make this my last will and testament: I give to my wife Mindwell my house and homestead, with the barn, and the land adjoining running to the Great River, and three acres of land south of the highway, which was Grandfather Gun's and the syder press, during her widowhood, and after to return to my sons, Joseph, Daniel, Joel and Charles, equally to be divided among them. Also I give to my wife £20 out of moveables, she takeing her choice, and the feather bed and bedding. I give unto my son John all my right in the 1 1/2 mile lott lately laid out, known as Town Commons, and also all my right in the equivalent land. I give unto my daughter Amy £20 out of my moveables, also ye youngest cow, six sheep and five gees. I give unto my youngest daughter Jerusha £60 and one cow. I give unto my sons, Joseph, Daniel, Joel, and Charles, all my right in the western lands, equally to be divided between them; also my lott at Hoit's meadow, ye pasture, and my lott at Sandy Hill, and my lott which I bought of Fits John Allyn, equally to be divided between them. I give to my son John my lott at Turkey Hill, provided he pay to my daughter Ammey £10 toward the £20 above named. I give to my son Moses 1-3 part of all my right in the undivided land in Windsor, and ye remainder to be equally divided between Joseph, Daniel, Joel and Charles. My wife and son Moses Thrall to be executors.

John Thrall, LS.
Witness: Israel Stoughton, Samuel Stoughton, John Allyn 

Court record, Page 66-9 May, 1732: Joel Thrall, a minor, age 16 years, chose John Thrall of Windsor to be his guardian. Recog., £200.

Page 69-6 June, 1732: Will exhibited by Mindwell Thrall and Moses Thrall, executors. Mrs. Mindwell Thrall refused the trust.

Page 70-6 June, 1732: This Court appoint Mrs. Mindwell Thrall to be guardian to Jerusha Thrall, age 9 years. Recog., £100. and Moses Thrall is appointed guardian to Charles Thrall, a minor son of Sergt. John Thrall. Recog., £100

Page 39 (Vol. XII) 3 February, 1735-6: John Thrall of Windsor, guardian to Joel Thrall, one of the heirs to the estate of Sergt. John Thrall, moves this Court for a divison of the real estate of the sd. decd. according to the will. This Court appoint Lt. Joseph Barnard, Lt. James Enno and John Stoughton, distributors.

Page 51-5 October, 1736: Report of the distributors of the estate to the Court. Accepted and ordered on file.


John Thrall (II)

b. Oct 13, 1699
d. abt. 1749
m. Mary Roberts 

Thrall, Sergt. John, Windsor, Inventory taken 30 November, 1749, by Daniel Bissell, Samuel Owen and Isaac Gillett. An addition was made to the inventory, 14 August, 1750. Will dated 29 August, 1748.

I, John Thrall of Windsor, yeoman, do make this my last will and testament: I give to Mary, my dearly beloved wife, the use of my house and barn and 7 acres of land, more or less, near the house, with orchard; likewise 5 acres of mow land joining the aforesd. 7 acres; likewise the use of 10 acres of pasture land joining to Sergt. Isaac Gillett on the west; also the privilege of cutting firewood during her widowhood anywhere on the west side of the highway. The aforesd. use of land and buildings I give to my sd. wife during the time she remains my widow. Nextly, I give to my sd. wife 1-3 part of my personal or moveable estate, within house and without, after my funeral charges and debts are paid out of it. I give unto my son John Thrall a piece of land lying on the east side of the brook called the calves' pasture, about 4 acres. I give to my son John my gunn, sword and belt, and a sorrill mare that he uses to call his, and her colt, and 4 sheep, and one sennet calf and one Mack Daniel calf. I give unto my sons, John, Samuel, Ezekiel, Benjamin and Luke all my real estate, lands and tenements, divided or undivided, lying and being in Windsor, Ellington and Suffield, to be equally divided between them, and to their heirs and assigns forever. I give unto my loving daughters, Mary, Lucy and Mindwell, £200 old tenor money apiece, or publick bills of credit equivalent thereto, or in moveables at inventory price, according to the discretion of my executors, to be paid to them when they arrive to the full age of 18 years. I give unto John, Samuel, Ezekiel, Benjamin, Luke, Mary, Lucy and Mindwell all my lands at Penny Quid and Demmi Catsi, at the eastern country, and my right of land at No. 3 up the Great River, equally to be divided between them. Also, I give unto my aforesd. wife and executor full power to sell all my land lying in the Town of Housetonack or Sheffield, in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay, and also my part of the sawmill at Housetonack, to dispose of to pay my debts and legacies. Also, the remainder of my abovesd., equally to be divided. Also my will and pleasure is that my executor hereafter named shall have guardianship and oversight, and dispose of each and every of my children until they come to be of lawfull age, my sons to 21 years and my daughters to 18 years. And also my will is that in case my executor hereafter named shall bring up and take care of my sd. children, that then the aforesd. executor shall have the use and improvement of each of their estates until they come to lawful age. and furthermore I do hereby nominate and appoint my wife Mary to be sole executrix to this my last will.

John Thrall, LS.
Witness: Samuel Taggert, Samuel Owen, Jacob Gillet. 

Court Record, Page 110-7 November, 1749: The last will and testament of John Thrall, late of Windsor, was now exhibited in Court by Mary Thrall, executrix. Proven, approved and ordered to be recorded and kept on file.

Page 124-3 April, 1750: An inventory of the estate of John Thrall late of Windsor, was now exhibited in Court by Mary Thrall, executrix, except some things which the sd. decd. ordered should be made use of in his family, which inventory this  Court accepts and orders recorded.


Thomas Upson

b. Prob. England
d. July 19, 1655
m. (1) ?, (2) Elizabeth Fuller 

Estate of Thomas Upson of Farmington, CT in in file # 5553, Hartford Probate District, State Library, Hartford, CT.
Sept: 6th: 1655

Tho: Upsuns of ffarmington
his Inventory:

The Invitory of thomas Upsuns Goodes and Chattells of fermington now deceased & dyed inteasstate. 



His house, Orchard & other land










yock of exen












bedding & linen



Thre keettells & one pott



pewter & Tin



frying pan






plow Iron Chaynes & Sithes



one payer of wheels








For Corne




Sum is---



Debts due from the estate



Debts wh appeare since 3:12:8





The court 17 Jany: (55) orders ye widow to administer the Estate and they doe at the request of ye widow desire Tho: Judd and Steph: Hayes Senior to bee Assistant to the widdow in ye (settling?) the Estate for the good of shee & her children & payment of the Debts.

(Signed) Stephen Hart; Thomas T Newell; John f Cones; John Harte
Page 114 (Vol. 3) 7th September 1671
Edmund Scott who had married the widow, moved this Court for a distribution of the Estate:

To Thomas, eldest son
To Stephen
To Mary, eldest daughter
To Hannah


 The rest of the Estate to be and belong to Edmund Scott and his heirs in right of his now wife, the widow of said Thomas


Richard Vore

d. August 22, 1683
m. Ann ? 

Vore, Richard, Windsor. Invt.  £81-15-00. Taken 11 December, 1683 by John Loomis sen. and John Moore. Will dated 1st July, 1683.

The last Will of Richard Vore of Windsor: I make my wife Ann Vore to be sole Executrix of my Estate, & my Will is that during her natural life she shall possess & injoy my Houseing & Lands Lying & Cituate in the Township of Windsor, as also my Goods, Household Goods & other Estate, more particularly my House & Homelott on the north side of the Rivulett, with Orchard, Fences, Yards, or what els belongs thereto, as also my Land lying in a place called the Neck, counted 3 acres. Secondly: My Will is that after the Death of my wife (if she shall survive me) my daughter Abigail, now wife of Timothy Buckland, if she be living, shall enjoy my House & Homelott, yt provided my Will is that neither my daughter nor her husband shall have any power to alienate or dispose of the same or any pert thereof, but shall keep & preserve Intire; yet they may enjoy the Benefit & Profit thereof so long as my daughter shall live, & after her decease it shall belong to her Children, if any living; if not, the sd. Homested shall belong to my other daughters or their Children. Thirdly: I give to my daughter Cooke, the wife of Nathaniel Cooke, 5 Shillings in addition to what I have already given her, also the Land lying in the Neck, after the death of my wife. Fourth: I give Thomas Alvard, son to my daughter Mary Alvard deceased, 5 Shillings, Fifthly; I give to the eldest child of my daughter Sarah Persons, Decd., who was wife to Benjamin Persons of Springfield, 5 Shillings. Sixthly: My Will is that my Household Goods & Chattells of all sorts not disposed of which I have by Will left to my wife for her Use, she hath hereby full power to dispose of them, as she shall see Cause, amongst my Children. I request Capt. Benjamin Newbery, John Moore & John Loomis sen. to be Overseers.

Richard Vore.
Witness: Samuel Mather, John Loomis sen. 

Court Record, Page 81-10 December, 1683: Will proven.


Robert White

d. 1617
m. Bridgett Allgar 

In the name of God Amen.  May the seaven and twentyeth in the fifteenth yeare of the raigne of our Soveraigne Lord James by the grace of god Kinge of England ffrance and Ireland defender of the faith etc and of Scotland the fiftyeth. In the yeare of our Lord god 1617 I Robert White of Messinge in the countye of Essex yeoman, beinge of good and pfect remembrance, doe make this my last will and testament, in manner and forme followinge. Imprimis. I comend my soule unto the hands of god almightey my most faythfull creator redemer and sanctifier and my bodie to be buryed in the parish church or church yeard of Messinge, at the discretion of mine executors.  Item I give and bequeath unto the poore people of Messinge fortye shillings of lawful mony of England, to be distributed amongst them, at ye discretion of mine executors and the minister of Messinge, within one month next after my depture from this naturall life.  Item I give and bequeath unto Mr. Richard Rogers preacher of gods word at Withersfleld in Essex aforesaid; and to Bartholomew Scrivener Minister of the church of god in Messinge aforenamed to each of them the severall summe of fortey shillings of like lawfull monie, to be payd Unto them within two monthes next after my departure.

Item I give and bequeath unto mine eldest daughter Sarah, the wife of James Bowtell of little Salinge, the summe of fifteene pounds of lawful mony of England. to be paid within fower years next after my depture.  Item I give and bequeath unto Jeames Bowtell the younger son of my said daughter Sarah Bowtell, the summe of five pounds of good and lawful mony of England, to be paid unto him when he shall come to ye sixteenth yeare of his age.

Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Marie the wife of Joseph Lummis of Branetree, one pewter platter.

Item  I give and bequeath unto my daughter Elizabeth the wife of Willm Gooddinge of Bockinge the summe of fortye markes of like lawfull monye within one yeare next after my depture. to be paid unto hir.

Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Bridgett White the sum of one hundred marks of like lawfull monye. to be paid unto hir upon the day of hir marriage, provided that she my said daughter Bridgett shall not bestow hir selfe in marryage without time approbation and consent of may two sonnes in law Joseph Lummys and Willim Goodinge formerly mentioned, and of my wife Bridgett White or thee consent of two of them whereof my wife to be one of the twaine.  But yf it happen that shee marrye without the consent aforesaid then I give her only the summe of thirtye pounds of like lawful monie.

Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Anna White the summe of one humndredth markes of like lawfull mony : to be paid unto hir upon ye day of her marriage; yf soe be she shall bestow hir selfe in marriage, accordinge to the likinge and consent of my two fornamed sonnes in law, and my wife, as is aforesaid.  Butt vf it so fall out, as that she my said daughter Anna shall marrye without ther consent and approbation formerly mentioned, then I give and bequeath hir only the summe of thirtey pounds of like and lawfull monie.

Item I give and bequeath unto my sounne Nathaniell White the sume of fortie pounds of like lawfull money, whereof my will is that twenty pounds shall be paid wthin one yeare next after my depture, and the other twentye pounds to be paid unto him within two years next after my said depture oute of this naturall life.

Item I give and bequeath unto my soenne John White the summe of two hundredth pounds of like lawfull monie to be paid him when he shall come to ye years of one and twentye of his age: yett provided that my said sonne John shall  not bestow himselfe in  marriage without the approbation and consent of my aforesaid two sonnes in law Joseph Lummys and William Goodinge, and my wife his mother.  And yf it so fall oute that this my son John shall match him selfe contrarye to the good likinge and consent aforesaid, then I give and bequeath unto hint only as his full portiom the summe of one hundred pounds of like lawfull monye.

Item my  mind and will is that yf any of my foresaid children thiat are unmarried shall depte this naturall life before thee tymes appointed for time payment of their portions; or yf any of them shall marrye contrarve to the consent and approbation  mentioned , then such sum me or summes of monie (as shl retaine and accrew, eyther by their death or disobeydience,) shall be equally devided amongste the rest of my children whither marryed or unmarried, pte and parte like.

Item I give and bequeath unto my said son John White time ioyned standinge bedstead wch is in the parlour, with the featherbed, flockbed, bolster coveringe wth other furnevture thereunto belonginge: alsoe the presse cupbourd the cupbourd table and newest chest all wch are in the said ploure to be delivered him after the death of mv said wife Bridgett White, or instead thereof the summe of twenty marks of like lawfull monye.

Item  I constitute and ordainie my aforesaid sonnes in law Joseph Lumys Willm Goodinge supuisors of this my last will and testament and do give unto each of them time severall summes of fortev shillings of like lawfull monye: towards their charge and paines in seinge this my will executed according to my minde.

Item I give and bequeath untto Ralph Bett the younger my kinsman and servant the summe of five pounds of like lawfull money, to be paid unto him within one yeare next after my depture.

Item I give and bequeath unto Joseph Digbie my servant, twentye shillings. of like lawfull monye, to be paid within One yeare next after my depture.

Item all the rest of my goods unbequeathed I give and bequeath unto my wife Bridgett White, and to my sonne Daniell White whome I constitute and ordayne the joynte executors of this mv last will and testament, hopinge they will faithfullye execute this my will accordinge to the trust reposed in them.

In witness whereof I have hereunto sett myne hand and seale time daye and yeare first mentioned.

In presence of us
John Christmas ye elders (+) marke
Willm Levett.

Probatu fuit Testamentu apud Kelvedon vicesimo Die mensis Junii 1617.


Nathaniel Winchell

b. abt 1633
d. March 8, 1699-00
m. Sarah Porter 

Winchell, Nathaniel sen., Windsor. Died in March. Invt. £540-09-10. Taken 30 April, 1700, by Benajah Holcomb sen. & Nathaniel Gaylord.  The children: Nathaniel, age 32 years, Thomas 28 (Decd, leaving four Children), Stephen 22, John 20, Sarah 25, Mary 17.

These may inform the Honoured Court: That there is a piece of Land on which Thomas Winchell built a house and lived some years, and after his death, as we are informed, part of sd. Land was Inventoried as part of sd. Thomas his Estate, though not made over to sd. Thomas according to Law before his death, nor since unto the Surviving. So that the Land not being passed, neither by Will nor Deed, from the Old man to his son, nor to son's Children, we were in Doubt whether to Inventory sd. Land unto Nathaniel Winchell's sen. Estate or not. Now the Division of that Matter we leave with your Honours.  If it must be put into the Inventory, we apprise it at £15.

Benajah Holcomb.

Court Record, Page 140-25 May, 1700: Invt. of the Estate of Nathaniel Winchell, late of Windsor, was exhibited in Court by Sarah, the Relict, and Nathaniel, son of the sd. Decd. Adms. is granted to Sarah the Relict.    

Page 1-(Vol. VII) 5 September, 1700: Sarah Winchell, Relict of Nathaniel Winchell, late of Windsor Deed, Adms. Recog., £200, with Josiah Phelps of Windsor.

Page 5-16 December, 1700: Prays for longer time to perfect the Adms.

Page 6-20 December, 1700: This Court orders that all the Lands belonging to the Estate of Nathaniel Winchell, except that parcel at Simsbury and one other parcel at Westfield, shall be dist: To the Widow, Sarah Winchell, 1-3 part during her natural life; and the Children, or their legal representative, the remiander of sd. Estate. And appoint Lt. Return Strong, Michael Tainter and Sergt. Benajah Holcomb, Distributors. This Court appoint Capt. Abraham Phelps to be Guardian to John Winchell, a minor son of Nathaniel Winchell; and Atherton Mather appo9nted Guardian to Mary Winchell, daughter of sd. Decd.

Dist. File: 1701: Order to Dist: to the Widow, to Nathaniel, to the Children of Thomas, to Stephen, to John, to Mary, to Josiah Phelps. by Benajah Holcomb & Michael Taintor.

Page 16-4 September, 1701: Report of the Dist.

Page 17-4 September, 1701: The Court grant the Widow a Quietus Est. Nathaniel Wionchell Jr. appeared in Court and appealed to the Court of Assistants. Recog., £10.


Robert Winchell

d. January 21, 1667-8 

Robert's will is dated 1668, and bequeaths his estate to his three sons. Nathanael, Jonathan and David, and his daughter Mary.  The inventory showed an estate valued at nearly £62, or $310, no small sum for early colonial days.  His will  was not written, but the following certificate, dated 20 Jan., 1668 was probated three days later.  

"We, the Underwritten doe witness that, being with Robert Winchell that night in which he died, desired us to take notice that if he lived not till the next morning, and soe could not have it written, that this was his Will:  That before anything was meddled with all his Debts should be payd. and that his two sons Jonathan and David should have ye lands on the Northwest of the Highway, this being all the lands he had left, only Jonathan should have the North side and David the South side. Sister Randall says:  'What shall yr daughter have ?'  He answered:  'I have done for her already.  And as for my eldest son, he is in my Debt ; I acquit him that ; yet let them have something.' And sayd also: "I desire yt you two and Brother Phelps would be my Overseers.'  To this we set our hands.

''Memo.  He expressed yt wt was left of his Estate besides his debts his two sons Jonathan and David should have.

"Signed:  Abraham Randall "
Mary X. Randall
Walter ffyler" 

Stephen Winchell

b. Aug. 13, 1677
d. abt 1726
m. Abigail Phelps 

Winchell, Stephen, Simsbury. Invt. £884-05-04. Taken 5th April 1726, by Joseph Barnard, Nathaniel Pinney and Nathaniel Pinney, Jr.

I, Stephen Winchell of  Simsbury, do make this my last will and testament: I give to my wife Abigail the 1-3 part of my moveable estate to her and her dispose forever, with the improvement of 1-3 part of my lands during her natural life. I give to my five sons, viz., Stephen Winchell, Thomas Winchell, Caleb Winchell, Robert Winchell and Martin Winchell, all my estate, both real and personal, to be divided amongst them in equal shares, excepting £5 in moveable at inventory price, which I give to my daughter Dorothy with what I have already given her. And I do by these present make and ordain my two eldest sons, Stephen Winchell and Thomas Winchell, the executors to this my last will and testament.

Stephen Winchell
Witness: john Owen, Henry Millington, Samuell Higley.
Court Record, Patge 113-4 January, 1725-6. The last will and testament of Stephen Winchell was exhibeted by Stephen and Thomas Winchell, executors.  Proven

Page 127-5 April, 1726; Martin Winchell, a minor, 18 years of age, chose Stephen Winchell of Simsbury to be his guardian.


Henry Wolcott

b. abt 1578
d. May 30 1655
m. Elizabeth Saunders 

Woolcott, Henry Sen., Windsor. Invt. £764-08-10. Taken 30 June, 1655, by William Gaylord, Thomas Ford, Matthew Grant, John Moore. Will dated 13 May 1655:

I henry Woolcott, sick of body but of perfect memory, doe make and ordaine this my last will and testament in manner and forme as following: Ffirst, I commend my soule to God my maker, hoping assuredly through ye only merit of Jesus Christ my savior to bee made pr taker of life everlasting, and I commend my Body to ye earth whereof it was made. I will yt my wife shall have all my house lott, orchard, garden, hopyard, and my lott in plimouth meadow, during ye tearme of her life. Alsoe I give unto my wife two of my Cowes and halfe of my household goods in my dwelling house.  Alsoe I leave my land in England to Henry, my Eldest sonn, without encumbrances. Alsoe I give unto him my two Books of Marters.  Alsoe I give to Christopher, my second sonn, my lott in ye great meadow after my death, And my house lott and housing upon it after ye death of my wife, he paying out of it thirtie pounds after my wife deceased as I shall further appoint. Alsoe I give to George, my third sonn, the five pounds hee owes mee and five pounds more.  Allsoe I give to Simon, my youngest sonne, all my land on ye easterly side of the great River and my lott att Arrammetts.  Allsoe to the children of Henry, my Eldest sonne, five pounds to Henry ye eldest of ym, and to ye rest of ym fortie shillings a peece.  Allsoe I give all ye rest of my goods to bee equally devided amongst all my children.  Allsoe I appoint Henry Wolcott my sonne, to be overseere of this my last will and testament. Alsoe my will is yt Christover, my sonne, shall have my lott in plimouth meadow after ye decease of my wife.  Alsoe my will is yt my debts should bee first paid.

October 4, 1655: ye above written being testified to ye Court by mr Henry Wolcott upon oath, and my Mr. Wigchfield, to ber ye last will and Testament of Mr. Woolcott senior deceased, the Couertre approved of ye same and ordered it to be recorded.

John Cullick, Secr.


Elizabeth (Saunders) Wolcott

b. 1584
d. Jul 5, 1655
m. Henry Wolcott 

Wolcott, Mrs. Elizabeth, Windsor. Will dated 5 July, 1655: I Elizabeth Wolcott doe make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following: Imprimis, I will yt my sonn George shall have £5 worth of my part of ye household goods and £5 worth of my cloathes.  Allsoe I give unto Simon my Sonne ye bluewish stuff hee bought for me ye last yeare. I give ye rest of my household goods to be equally divided betwixt Christover and Simon, my Sonnes.  Alsoe I give ye rest of my cloathes to be equally divided betwixt my two daughters Anne and Mary Allyn.  I would intreat Christover to lett Simon to dwell in ye house and to have ye use of halfe of it a while.  Allsoe I give my two Cowes to be equally devided among all my Grand Children. Moreover my will is yt whereas I have appointed my part of ye household Goods to be devided betwixt Christover and Simon, except £5 to George. now my Will is yt it shall soe Stand upon yt Condition yt Christover and Simon doe release their parts of ye Household Goods, or else there shall bee soe much taken out of this as their parts of ye rest of ye Goods comest to.

Elizabeth X Wolcott.
Witness: John Witchfield.
On the 4th of October (55) ye above wreitten was approved by ye Courte and ordered yt it should bee recorded by ye Secr.


Samuel Woodward

b. 11 December 1727
d. Sep 1756
m. Abigail Lamson 

Colonial Records of CT, 1757-1762 by Charles Hoodly (1880) p. 166, May 1758

 Upon the memorial of Abigail Woodward administratrix on the estate of Samuel Woodward late of New Haven in the county of New Haven, shewing to this Assembly that the debts due from the estate of the said Samuel surmount his personal estate the sum of £19 11s. 8d. lawful money:  praying for liberty to sell so much of the real estate of the said deceased as will enable her to pay said sum with the incident charges arising on such sale:  Resolved by this Assembly that the said administratrix be impowered and she is hereby impowered, to sell so much of the said real estate as to make said sum with the incident charges; taking the direction of the court of the probate for the district of New Haven therein.

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