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Our Bankert Ancestors - Person Page 108

William Smith

áááááWilliam Smith married Elizabeth Stanley.

Child of William Smith and Elizabeth Stanley

Elizabeth Stanley

d. 1678
áááááElizabeth Stanley married William Smith. She died in 1678.

Child of Elizabeth Stanley and William Smith

Capt. Richard Case

áááááCapt. Richard Case married Amy Reade, daughter of Dr. Philip Reade and Abigail Rice.

Children of Capt. Richard Case and Amy Reade

(__?__) Searle

Children of (__?__) Searle

Robert Hoskins

b. 6 June 1662
Robert Hoskins|b. 6 Jun 1662|p108.htm#i2682|Anthony Hoskins|b. 1632\nd. 4 Jan 1706/7|p46.htm#i1127|Isabel Brown|d. 2 Oct 1698|p46.htm#i1132|John Hoskins|b. c 1585\nd. 3 May 1648|p45.htm#i1125|Ann (__?__)|d. 6 Mar 1661/62|p46.htm#i1126|||||||
áááááRobert Hoskins was born on 6 June 1662. He was the son of Anthony Hoskins and Isabel Brown. He married, at age 24, Mary Gillett, age 18, daughter of Cornelius Gillett and Priscilla Kelsey, on 27 October 1686.

Child of Robert Hoskins and Mary Gillett

Mary Gillett

b. 12 August 1668
Mary Gillett|b. 12 Aug 1668|p108.htm#i2683|Cornelius Gillett|b. c Jul 1636\nd. 26 Jun 1711|p89.htm#i2212|Priscilla Kelsey|b. c 1640\nd. 7 Jan 1722/23|p56.htm#i1397|Jonathan Gillett|b. a 1600\nd. 23 Aug 1677|p28.htm#i688|Mary Dolbaire|b. 7 Jun 1607\nd. 5 Jan 1685/86|p76.htm#i1891|William Kelsey|b. c 1600\nd. c 1680|p53.htm#i1313|(__?__) (__?__)|b. c 1613|p53.htm#i1314|

Relationship=1st cousin 9 times removed of Norbert Raymond Bankert.
áááááMary Gillett was born on 12 August 1668. She was the daughter of Cornelius Gillett and Priscilla Kelsey. She married, at age 18, Robert Hoskins, age 24, son of Anthony Hoskins and Isabel Brown, on 27 October 1686.

Child of Mary Gillett and Robert Hoskins

Michael Puleo

Michael Puleo||p108.htm#i2684|Constantine F. Puleo|b. 20 Apr 1925\nd. 4 Dec 2003|p130.htm#i3251|Alice Serway||p130.htm#i3252|Joseph Puleo||p164.htm#i4093|Rosalie Reina||p164.htm#i4094|||||||
áááááMichael Puleo is the son of Constantine F. Puleo and Alice Serway.

John Burbank1

b. circa 1639, d. 1 June 1709
John Burbank|b. c 1639\nd. 1 Jun 1709|p108.htm#i2685|John Burbank|b. c 1600\nd. 1682/83|p111.htm#i2776||||||||||||||||
áááááJohn Burbank was born circa 1639.1 He was the son of John Burbank. He married Mehitable (widow) Saunders on 9 January 1693 in Springfield, Mass..1 He died on 1 June 1709.1

Child of John Burbank

Child of John Burbank and Mehitable (widow) Saunders


  1. [S100] NEHGR, 61:139 (1907) .

Mehitable (widow) Saunders1

d. 24 February 1727/28
áááááMehitable (widow) Saunders married John Burbank, son of John Burbank, on 9 January 1693 in Springfield, Mass..1 She died on 24 February 1727/28.1

Child of Mehitable (widow) Saunders and John Burbank


  1. [S100] NEHGR, 61:139 (1907) .

John Stiles1

b. 25 December 1595, d. 4 June 1662
áááááJohn Stiles was baptized on 25 December 1595 in Milbroke, co. Bedford, England.1 He married Rachel (__?__). He died on 4 June 1662 at age 66.1

Children of John Stiles and Rachel (__?__)


  1. [S62] Henry R. Stiles, History of Ancient Windsor, II:703.

Rachel (__?__)

d. 3 September 1674
áááááRachel (__?__) married John Stiles. She died on 3 September 1674.

Children of Rachel (__?__) and John Stiles

Simeon Crosby

b. 9 February 1721, d. 7 May 1804
áááááSimeon Crosby was born on 9 February 1721 in Harwich, Barnstable Co., Mass.. He married, at age 28, Lydia Graves, age 19 on 10 August 1749 in Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn.. He died on 7 May 1804 in West Hartford, Hartford Co., Conn., at age 83.

Child of Simeon Crosby and Lydia Graves

Timothy Stanley

b. January 1602/3, d. 1648
áááááTimothy Stanley was born in January 1602/3. He married (1) Elizabeth (__?__). He died in 1648 in Hartford, Hartford Co., Conn..

Children of Timothy Stanley and Elizabeth (__?__)

Elizabeth (__?__)

b. circa 1600, d. 23 February 1678/79
áááááElizabeth (__?__) was born circa 1600. She married (1) Timothy Stanley. She married (2) Andrew Bacon in 1661. She died on 23 February 1678/79 in Hartford, Hartford Co., Conn..

Children of Elizabeth (__?__) and Timothy Stanley

Andrew Bacon

d. 4 October 1669
áááááAndrew Bacon married Elizabeth (__?__) in 1661. He died on 4 October 1669 in Hadley, Hampshire Co., Mass..

Thomas Stanley

áááááThomas Stanley married Bennet Tritton.

Children of Thomas Stanley and Bennet Tritton

Samuel Adams

b. 1655
Samuel Adams|b. 1655|p108.htm#i2694|George Adams|b. c 1621\nd. 10 Oct 1696|p143.htm#i3566|Frances Taylor|d. a 1696|p143.htm#i3567|||||||||||||
áááááSamuel Adams was born in 1655. He was the son of George Adams and Frances Taylor. He married Elizabeth Hill.

Child of Samuel Adams and Elizabeth Hill

Sarah Slater

d. 11 January 1762
Sarah Slater|d. 11 Jan 1762|p108.htm#i2695|Elias Slater||p108.htm#i2696|Ruth (__?__)||p108.htm#i2697|||||||||||||
áááááSarah Slater was the daughter of Elias Slater and Ruth (__?__). She married David Holcomb, age 22, son of Ens. Joshua Holcomb and Mary Hoskins, on 24 December 1735 in Simsbury, Hartford Co., Conn.. She died on 11 January 1762.

Elias Slater

áááááElias Slater married Ruth (__?__).

Child of Elias Slater and Ruth (__?__)

Ruth (__?__)

áááááRuth (__?__) married Elias Slater.

Child of Ruth (__?__) and Elias Slater

Amy Reade

b. 3 March 1678/79, d. after 1746
Amy Reade|b. 3 Mar 1678/79\nd. a 1746|p108.htm#i2698|Dr. Philip Reade|d. b Jan 1693/94|p65.htm#i1623|Abigail Rice|d. 16 Apr 1709|p65.htm#i1608|||||||Richard Rice|b. c 1609\nd. 9 Jun 1709|p63.htm#i1573|Elizabeth (__?__)|d. a 1681|p30.htm#i745|

Relationship=1st cousin 9 times removed of Norbert Raymond Bankert.
áááááAmy Reade was born on 3 March 1678/79 in Concord, Middlesex Co., Mass.. She was the daughter of Dr. Philip Reade and Abigail Rice. She married Capt. Richard Case. She died after 1746.

Children of Amy Reade and Capt. Richard Case

Abigail Phelps

b. 3 August 1679
Abigail Phelps|b. 3 Aug 1679|p108.htm#i2699|William Phelps|b. 22 Jun 1657\nd. 1 Jun 1745|p113.htm#i2812|Abigail Stebbins|b. 6 Sep 1660\nd. Dec 1748|p113.htm#i2813|Deacon Nathaniel Phelps|b. 6 Mar 1625\nd. 27 May 1702|p55.htm#i1356|Elizabeth (widow) Copley||p61.htm#i1517|John Stebbins|b. 1626|p70.htm#i1742|Abigail Bartlett||p115.htm#i2854|

Relationship=2nd cousin 8 times removed of Norbert Raymond Bankert.
áááááAbigail Phelps was born on 3 August 1679 in Northampton, Hampshire Co., Mass.. She was the daughter of William Phelps and Abigail Stebbins. She married Joseph Parsons, son of Benjamin Parsons and Sarah Vore, in 1697.

John Case

d. 21 February 1703/4
áááááJohn Case married Sarah Spencer, daughter of William Spencer. He died on 21 February 1703/4.

Children of John Case and Sarah Spencer

Sarah Spencer

b. circa 1636, d. 3 November 1691
Sarah Spencer|b. c 1636\nd. 3 Nov 1691|p108.htm#i2701|William Spencer||p109.htm#i2714||||||||||||||||
áááááSarah Spencer was born circa 1636. She was the daughter of William Spencer. She married John Case. She died on 3 November 1691.

Children of Sarah Spencer and John Case

John Case

b. 22 August 1694
John Case|b. 22 Aug 1694|p108.htm#i2702|John Case|b. 5 Nov 1662\nd. 1733|p58.htm#i1436|Sarah Holcomb|b. 23 Jun 1668\nd. 1763|p58.htm#i1426|John Case|d. 21 Feb 1703/4|p108.htm#i2700|Sarah Spencer|b. c 1636\nd. 3 Nov 1691|p108.htm#i2701|Joshua Holcomb|b. 7 Apr 1640\nd. 1 Dec 1690|p52.htm#i1276|Ruth Sherwood|b. c 1646\nd. 10 Sep 1699|p57.htm#i1423|

Relationship=1st cousin 8 times removed of Norbert Raymond Bankert.
áááááJohn Case was born on 22 August 1694. He was the son of John Case and Sarah Holcomb. He married Abigail Humphrey.

Child of John Case and Abigail Humphrey