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Our Bankert Ancestors - Person Page 133

Stephen Burr

b. 27 August 1699, d. before 28 June 1786
áááááStephen Burr was baptized on 27 August 1699 in Hartford, Hartford Co., Conn.. He married Violet Shepard. He died before 28 June 1786.

Child of Stephen Burr and Violet Shepard

Violet Shepard

b. 14 May 1700
áááááViolet Shepard was born on 14 May 1700 in Hartford, Hartford Co., Conn.. She married Stephen Burr.

Child of Violet Shepard and Stephen Burr

Richard Roberts

Richard Roberts||p133.htm#i3305|Peter Roberts|b. 1890|p4.htm#i76|Marguerite Messenger|b. Jul 1891\nd. 23 Jan 1965|p3.htm#i64|||||||Irving Messenger|b. 10 Feb 1856\nd. 15 Dec 1899|p2.htm#i44|Bridget Gagan|b. 11 Jul 1858\nd. 11 Oct 1947|p2.htm#i45|

Relationship=1st cousin 1 time removed of Norbert Raymond Bankert.
Descendant Chart for Hugh Gagan
áááááRichard Roberts is the son of Peter Roberts and Marguerite Messenger.

Sergt. John Hurlbut

b. 8 March 1642, d. 30 August 1690
Sergt. John Hurlbut|b. 8 Mar 1642\nd. 30 Aug 1690|p133.htm#i3306|Thomas Hurlbut|b. 1610\nd. c 1671|p133.htm#i3307|Sarah (__?__)||p133.htm#i3308|||||||||||||
áááááSergt. John Hurlbut was born on 8 March 1642. He was the son of Thomas Hurlbut and Sarah (__?__). He married, at age 28, Mary Deming on 15 December 1670. He died on 30 August 1690 at age 48.

Child of Sergt. John Hurlbut and Mary Deming

Thomas Hurlbut

b. 1610, d. circa 1671
áááááThomas Hurlbut was born in 1610 in Scotland. He married Sarah (__?__). He died circa 1671 in Wethersfield, Hartford Co., Conn..

Children of Thomas Hurlbut and Sarah (__?__)

Sarah (__?__)

áááááSarah (__?__) married Thomas Hurlbut.

Children of Sarah (__?__) and Thomas Hurlbut

Mary Deming

b. 1655
áááááMary Deming was born in 1655. She married Sergt. John Hurlbut, age 28, son of Thomas Hurlbut and Sarah (__?__), on 15 December 1670.

Child of Mary Deming and Sergt. John Hurlbut

Chester Gillett

Chester Gillett||p133.htm#i3311|Noteworthy Relatives||p81.htm#i2007||||||||||||||||
áááááChester Gillett was the son of Noteworthy Relatives.
Relationship: 9th Cousin.

Our 9th Cousin
Executed in 1908 for the murder of Grace Brown at Big Moose Lake. The story was immortalized in the classic 1931 movie "An American Tragedy", and again in the 1951 movie "A Place in the Sun", a six-time Oscar winner starring Montgomery Clift, Elizabeth Taylor, and Shelly Winters.

Direct Descendants of Reverand William Gillett - Our Grandfather - To Chester Gillett

1 Rev. William Gillett
2 Jeremiah Gillett (c.1616- )
3 Jeremiah Gillett ( -1707/8)
..+Rachel Kelsey
4 John Gillett (c.1672- )
..+Sarah Tryon (c.1672-1758)
5 John Gillett (1702-1764)
..+Mary Williams
6 John Gillett (1729- )
..+Mamre Gaylord (1735/6-1817)
7 John Gillett
..+Mercy Benedict
8 Horation Nelson Gillett
..+Marilla Starr
9 Albertus Starr Gillett
..+Harriet Eliza Osborne
10 Frank Starr Gillett
11 Chester Gillett (1884-1908)

Chester is our cousin again through descent from William Gaylord.

Thomas Bacon

áááááThomas Bacon married Abigail Maskill on 12 March 1684/85 in Simsbury, Hartford Co., Conn..

Child of Thomas Bacon and Abigail Maskill

Abigail Maskill

áááááAbigail Maskill married Thomas Bacon on 12 March 1684/85 in Simsbury, Hartford Co., Conn..

Child of Abigail Maskill and Thomas Bacon

Lois Gleason

áááááLois Gleason married Levi Holcomb, son of Ephraim Holcomb and Dorcas Hayes, circa 1780.

Sarah (__?__)

d. 17 January 1748/49
áááááSarah (__?__) married Edmund Scott in June 1689 in Waterbury, New Haven Co., Conn.. She died on 17 January 1748/49.

Child of Sarah (__?__) and Edmund Scott

Anne (__?__)

d. after 1684
áááááAnne (__?__) married Michael Griswold. She died after 1684 in Wethersfield, Hartford Co., Conn..

Child of Anne (__?__) and Michael Griswold

Corp. John Allen

áááááCorp. John Allen married Ellen Bradley on 14 October 1652 in New Haven, New Haven Co., Conn..

Child of Corp. John Allen and Ellen Bradley

Joseph Mansfield

áááááJoseph Mansfield married Mary Potter.

Child of Joseph Mansfield and Mary Potter

Mary Potter

áááááMary Potter married Joseph Mansfield.

Child of Mary Potter and Joseph Mansfield

Elizabeth (__?__)

d. 1614
áááááElizabeth (__?__) married Thomas Griswold, son of William Griswold and Elizabeth (__?__). She married John Benford. She died in 1614.

John Benford

d. 1597
áááááJohn Benford married Elizabeth (__?__). He died in 1597.

Bathsheba North

b. 1654, d. 19 March 1736
Bathsheba North|b. 1654\nd. 19 Mar 1736|p133.htm#i3322|Thomas North|b. c 1624|p133.htm#i3323|Mary Price|b. c 1630|p133.htm#i3324|||||||||||||
áááááBathsheba North was born in 1654. She was the daughter of Thomas North and Mary Price. She married John Griswold, son of Mr. Edward Griswold and Margaret (__?__), circa 1681. She died on 19 March 1736.

Thomas North

b. circa 1624
áááááThomas North was born circa 1624. He married Mary Price.

Child of Thomas North and Mary Price

Mary Price

b. circa 1630
áááááMary Price was born circa 1630. She married Thomas North.

Child of Mary Price and Thomas North

James Ensign

d. between 23 November 1670 and 23 December 1670
áááááJames Ensign married Sarah (__?__). He died between 23 November 1670 and 23 December 1670 in Hartford, Hartford Co., Conn..

Child of James Ensign and Sarah (__?__)

Sarah (__?__)

d. 1676
áááááSarah (__?__) married James Ensign. She died in 1676 in Hartford, Hartford Co., Conn..

Child of Sarah (__?__) and James Ensign

Ralph Sheldon

b. circa 1605, d. 1651
áááááRalph Sheldon was born circa 1605 in Ashford, England. He married Barbara Stone on 27 April 1629 in England. He died in 1651.

Child of Ralph Sheldon and Barbara Stone